A blocked toilet is a nightmare in any home. This is because there is no alternative room for a toilet and the blockage can lead to environmental issues. The good thing is that even before a toilet blocks, it gives obvious warning signs. You can save yourself the stress of a blocked toilet by calling a plumber before a blockage occurs.

Takes Forever to Drain

When you flush a toilet, it creates a whirlpool and within seconds, the toilet is completely clean. If you notice a delay in clearing the toilet, then your toilet will block very soon. The delay is a sign that there is debris that has already started to collect along the pipeline of the system.

Overflowing Toilets

It is possible to miss all the other sign of a blocked toilet but when the toilet overflows, it is a sure sign that cannot be missed. When the debris along the system increases, the water flows back and causes the toilet to overflow. The mess creates such an unsightly scene. When the toilet reaches such levels, you should call a professional plumber immediately. Overflowing is harmful as it can even lead to growth of germs and microorganisms in the toilet area.

Noises and the Smell

Blocked toilets produce a bad smell. This is because the substance blocking the toilet blocks solid wastes. Since the waste remains untreated, it decomposes after a short time and it starts to produce a foul smell. If you are keen, you can notice the smell. The disruptions along the system cause the water to produce a gurgling sound whenever you flush the toilet. Since the water is usually on high pressure, when it hits the blockage, it produces the noises. You do not have to wait for your toilet to be completely blocked, call a plumber when you notice the warning signs of a blocked toilet in Poole. Visit the site for more information.