Since there are many different types of cranes to be hired in Bideford, it is probably wise that you learn what each type of crane can be used for. Cranes have been used for thousands of years. The Romans used them to build monuments and even churches that were built during the medieval times were constructed using cranes.

Mobile Cranes

This is a very simple type of crane in which a telescopic boom is mounted on a movable platform. They have pulleys and levers that raise and lower the boom and you will generally find a hook at the end. Typically, these cranes are best for working on city streets or within city limits as they are easily transportable. A mobile crane is great for demolition and earthmoving as the hook at the end is interchangeable with a ball or wrecking bucket.

Loader Cranes

These types of cranes can be hired in Bideford and are constructed of hydraulic booms designed to be fitted onto a trailer. They are the best to be used for loading goods into a trailer. Their best feature is that the joints of the boom fold easily away when not in use. There are some similarities to a telescopic crane in that certain sections of the boom may be able to telescope providing for easier use.

Floating Cranes

If your project involves the shipping industry, you may need to hire a floating crane. These are planted in water and will generally be used when you are constructing a port, building a bridge, or salvaging a ship. There are also capable of loading and unloading ships and moving extremely heavy loads and odd sized shipping containers.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are very commonly used for crane hire in Bideford even though they don’t have a movable base. They are extremely tall and must be constructed on site piece by piece. The base looks like a ladder and the boom hangs down from it. If you are in need of a crane for any project that you are working on, contact Nick Sampson, who has been in this business for over 25+ years.