Did you know that it is cheaper to repair a drainage problem as soon as possible as opposed to waiting for a long time before repairing? If you take time before repairing the problem, it might spread to other areas thus increasing the damages. Drainage problems develop slowly and may be unnoticed when they begin but if you are keen, you can catch the problem early.

1. Smells – Do not ignore a bad smell coming from your drainage system. The smell may be coming from a rotting animal or obstacle which may have blocked the drainage system. In most cases, the odour comes before any visual sign so do not ignore it.

2. Sights – One of the early signs of blocked drains in Poole is if sinks, toilets or showers drain away slowly. If the problem is in one of the fixtures, then the toilet, sink or shower drains away slowly. If the fixtures are backed up, then the blockage appears on the sewer drain. Toilets block more often than the other fixtures and they are also easy to identify when they block. If the water level in your toilet rises when you run a tap it is an indication that the toilet is blocked. Check the water levels in manholes and external drains; if the level is increasing, then the drain is blocked.

3. Sounds – When your drain pipes produce gurgling noises from drains, toilet flushes, plug holes and pipes, it is an indication of blocked drains in Poole. A blockage traps air inside the pipes and so when the air is pushed up or displaced by the blockage, it produces the gurgling sound.

If you notice any of the signs, contact a plumber to survey the system for you. We are always ready to run to your aid be it a plumbing emergency, routine check-up, diagnosis, or drainage repair. Reach out to our professional plumbers anytime at Canford Drains. Browse site for more information.