Flat roofs should not be completely flat otherwise the water will not drain away from the roof. When installing flat roof, make sure is has a slight slope to direct water to central drain systems or perimeters. If the roof is entirely flat, water will remain on the roof even 48 hours after the storm has stopped: this is called ponding. Note that as water settles on the roof, it exposes the roof to damages which can lead to water leaking into the premises. The presence of algae and dirty water circle on the roof are an indication that your flat roof is ponding.

Causes of ponding

* Sagging roof

* Drains installed at high places

* Poor roof designs

* Damaged or blocked drains

* Lack of sufficient or properly installed drainage system

Drainage on a flat roof involves downspouts, internal drains, scuppers, and gutter. If any of the above is not working properly, then the flat roof drainage will not work properly. A damaged roof drainage system can lead to;

* Growth of vegetation on the roof due to the presence of water

* Reduced life for the roof

* Leaks

* Structural damage of the premises

To avoid flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare, you can consider the following tips to improve your roof drainage system;

1. Makes sure your drainage system can accommodate the water from your flat roof after rains. Make the gutters and downspouts large enough so that all the water is drained away within a short time.

2. The gutters and downspouts are sometimes insufficient if the flat roof is large. In such cases, include internal drains on top of gutters and downspouts.

3. If your roof does not have a slope, talk to a roofer to slope the roof for you to allow water drainage.

Do not hesitate to contact an expert in roofing like Aquagard Roofing if you are experiencing ponding. We are professionals in flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare.