Liquid screed Newport services can provide a higher quality flooring surface to your building, whether it’s a commercial apartment building, or a high-rise hotel.

What is liquid screed?

It is a product that is designed to provide a level, smooth surface prior to applying final floor finishes. They can be used bonded or unbounded; and they can be used with or without underfloor heating. Click here for more information.

There are many advantages to using liquid floor screeds, over the more traditional method of sand cement floor screeds. Here are just a few of those advantages:

* Use less resources: On average, installing liquid screed is much less labour intensive than traditional sand cement, and about 10 times faster in the application process.

* Reduced screed depth: Reducing the screed depth means that the thermal efficiency can be increased by installing a thicker layer of floor insulation.

* Reduced drying time: Because the depth is decreased, the total drying time and weight are also decreased. This increases productivity.

* Minimal disturbance: The floor can be walked on about 24 hours after the application, which equates to minimal disturbance to the other workers and contractors on site.

* Can be force dried: For even quicker results, it can be force dried within 7 days after the application of liquid screed. This also helps to increase overall productivity and get the job done much faster. That equates to higher revenues, and lower operating costs.

* Efficient for underfloor heating: Perhaps the biggest advantage of liquid screed is when using it in underfloor heating applications. Because of the reduced depth, the heat storage is minimized, thus responding quickly to user needs. This increases the efficiency of the underfloor heating system. The liquid flows evenly around underfloor pipes, resulting in a more even heat.

Liquid Screed in Newport provides a modern way to reduce heating costs, increase revenue and provide users with a better product.